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AIDS Memorial Quilt Display

Pilgrim is co-sponsoring the AIDS Memorial Quilt coming to Birmingham, June 1-5. The panels will be displayed at Woodlawn United Methodist. Volunteers are needed for 2 hour shifts to welcome visitors, answer questions and provide support to the emotional responses to the quilt. You are encouraged to wear your Pilgrim T-shirt and/or Pilgrim Name Tag…. Read more

Pilgrim Book Club

The Pilgrim Book Club is currently reading “South to America” by Imani Perry. The Book Club meets every Sunday morning at 9am in the conference room, and everyone is welcome.

Stump the Pastor – September 14, 2021

Welcome to “Stump the Pastor” – Episode 53 Today’s Question: “We know that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Had it not been for his betrayal, would Jesus have been arrested and subsequently sacrificed because of this, or was this part of the prophecy of the Messianic age? Therefore, is Judas considered an integral part of Christianity… Read more